Natuculture (pronounced nā-choo-culture) is any human made system that mimics nature in human disturbed landscapes.  

Natuculture is a system that synergizes with and does not oppose nature. Natuculture involves designing in urban landscapes biologically engineered systems that harmonizes with nature. 

Natuculture makes ‘the unnatural natural.’ Natuculture therefore is not just a garden but natuculture is more than a garden.  In most instances, a garden can even be the opposite of natuculture since a garden connotes several practices that make ‘the natural unnatural’ like tilling, planting of non-native species, and use of artificial chemicals.  

Natuculture is not permaculture. When several natucultures stabilize it may transform into permaculture.

Natuculture began in the United States at the campus of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (A&T). 

Natucultures established at A&T are in the ‘Models’ tab. A natuculture experiential learning system has been set-up at A&T. 

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